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Victorian Belfast

By Jamie Johnston

This publication is designed for pupils at Key Stage 3. Teachers will be particularly interested in the use of original source materials which are included as an integral part of the text, and which compliment and illustrate the narrative of the growth of Belfast in the 19th century. They are accompanied by questions and activities suitable for pupils of all abilities in years 1-3 of the secondary school. The learning activities are designed to ensure that pupils encounter a number of historical skills, in addition to the basic comprehension of the topic. These include an appropriate understanding of concepts such as industrialisation, urbanization, continuity and change, and skills such as empathy and analysis. The broad topic of Victorian Belfast has been arranged so that the story of Belfast in the 19th century can be taught as a study in development.


Publication Date: 1993

Condition: USED

Pages: 56 

Product Type: Booklet

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Victorian Belfast

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Victorian Belfast

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