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Titanic: 58 Fascinating Facts For Kids

By Dylan Murphy

On April 10, 1912, the Titanic, the largest and most luxurious ocean liner in the world left Southampton, England, bound for New York, 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

Although thought to be unsinkable, four days later the Titanic was lying on the ocean floor after hitting an iceberg, a collision that claimed more than 1,500 lives.

"Titanic: 58 Fascinating Facts For Kids" gives you the significant facts about the Titanic in 58 easy-to-understand segments. Find out how the Titanic was built, why it was thought to be unsinkable, why so many lives were lost, and the lessons learned from the tragedy.

We hope that the facts about the Titanic will fascinate you and encourage you to find out much more about this magnificent but ill-fated ship.

This book is suitable for 9-year-olds and older.


Steam Power | Building the Titanic | Captain, Crew & Passengers | Across the Atlantic | Iceberg! Right Ahead! | To the Lifeboats | Rescue | Titanic: the Aftermath | Assorted Titanic Facts


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Titanic: 58 Fascinating Facts For Kids

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Titanic: 58 Fascinating Facts For Kids

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