'MADE IN BELFAST' By Vivian Pollock & Trevor Parkhill

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Made In Belfast

By Vivian Pollock & Trevor Parkhill

In 1900 Belfast had the world's biggest linen factories and its largest ropeworks. Its shipbuilding industry produced more tonnage than any other city's (Titanic and Olympic were both built here). But Belfast was also home to cycle-makers, printers, artists, tea magnates, clog-makers, clothiers, photographers, engineers, tobacco manufacturers. They all feature in Made in Belfast. 

Drawing on the unique collections of the Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland, this is a fine photographic record of the city at work, compiled by two of Northen Ireland's most knowledgeable historians.


Publication Date: 2008

Condition: USED / GOOD

Pages: 127

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Made In Belfast

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Made In Belfast

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