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Guide To The Crew Of Titanic

By Gunter Babler

This valuable study provides a much-needed insight into the confusing and complicated world of the crew of Titanic. It examines the jobs on board and what they involved, explaining watch systems and the hierarchy. It solves many mysteries, from night watchmen that do not appear as such in the muster lists, boots stewards who did not shine shoes and information on tips, salaries and hidden bonuses. A topic hitherto only briefly touched on in the existing literature, this important book breathes life into the story of the ship and its crew, of which 76.4 per cent died in the sinking. This work will be of immense value to enthusiasts around the world.


Publication Date: 2019

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Pages: 222

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Guide To The Crew Of Titanic

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Guide To The Crew Of Titanic

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