Lesser Known Belfast DVD

Written & Presented By James Rea Jr.

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Lesser Known Belfast (DVD)

By James Rea Jr (Writer & Presenter)

DVD 'Lesser Known Belfast' discover some of Belfast's hidden past in this unique local history short film.  The DVD reveals some 'lesser known' fascinating facts on  Belfast's secret societies, Albert Memorial Clock Tower, The Blackman Statue, The Cavehill, The Battle of the Boyne, History of our National Flags and The Big Wind of 1839.

Written, Produced and Presented by James Rea Jr.  The DVD is a must for not only history buffs, but locals and tourists alike who wish to lift the lid on Belfast's unusual & sometimes surprising history. 

Written & Presented By James Rea Jr

Produced By Belfast Bohemian Productions

Duration: 40mins

Format: PAL

Release: 2016

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Region: 2

Product Type: DVD

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Lesser Known Belfast (DVD)

£5.00 DVD

Avilable on DVD, Digital Download, Irish Language & Ulster Scots.

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