Project Forms

Belfast Bohemian Productions with to thank you for taking part in a filming or photography project.   In order for filming to take place we require all those who will appear on screen to give consent.  Please choose your project from the below buttons and complete the relevant consent form.  For those contributors who are under the age of 18 years old, we require it to be completed by a parent or guardian.  If you are unsure about any asspect of our forms, please get in touch with us at email: or phone: 07734406125.

Client Forms

Permission Form

General Contributor Consent Form to give us you or your child permission to be videoed or have photographs to be taken.

Creative Brief

Form to provide details about your event or project when you require a videographer / editor / photographer / media work.

Contact Us

To get a quote or ask any questions please get in touch with Belfast Bohemian Productions. 


We would love to hear about your experience in working with us on your video or photo project. 

Once you have aswered all the relevant questons, please ensure you click the 'Submit' button to ensure we receive your consent release form.