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Belfast Bohemian Productions was established in 2009 by videographer James Rea Jr.  James has a sincere passion for local interest & history and his dedication to this subject led to the production of 'Belfast Birth Of A City' and then 'Lesser Known Belfast'.  As well as writing and producing his own features James dedicates himself to his clients working on a number of other projects ranging from - Short Films, Music Videos, Documentaries, Interviews and Promotional Videos for individuals, businesses or charity organisations. 

James and Belfast Bohemian Productions have an excellent reputation based on attention to detail, quality of completion and their focus on working with the client to produce exactly what is outlined in the brief.  With over a decade of experience James will always go the extra mile and do everything possible to assist you with all your video production needs.  Whether you are a small business, charity, musician, individual or group get in touch with Belfast Bohemian Productions who will work directly with you in order to tailor your project to suit your budget and requirements.

MY BOHEMIAN JOURNEY! - It's hard to believe that my Bohemian journey began 15 years ago.  So many things have happened since 2008 it's hard to know where to begin. Reflecting back on my many memories, I can truly acknowledge the scale of my blessings of loss and gain and joys and pains. The multitude of experiences that have converged to bring me to this moment in time.  Off course life is full of lessons, that's obvious, but I have certainly seen over the years I have learnt far more from my mistakes than I have from my successes.  So here we are, 2023 a new year. A milestone that reminds me of where I was 15 years ago. WHERE SHALL I BEGIN? It was 2008 and I was working at a bank (SHOCKER!) with colleagues I loved BUT in a job I hated. All the cliches - 'over worked and underpaid'... the story of millions of similar souls.  I even had to go busking during my lunch hours at work to gain a little more money to make ends meet. Eventually a golden blade of straw came and broke the camels back, I got the flu.  REAL FLU (not man-flu) the proper kind that makes you feel you're gonna die! In my sickened, sniffing, self reflecting state, I started to take stock of what my life had become. THIS HAD TO STOP! The constant living from hand to mouth and the immense never ending feeling of being trapped in a cycle with no prospect of change anytime soon. BUT THEN...DEN DEN DEN..Something deep inside of me told me 'I CAN'. And in a flash, this dark cloud of unhappiness gave way to a feeling of freedom. A wind of change came blowing in my direction and blew what little hair I had off my head to bring me out into the uncharted waters of self determination. I placed my hand on the rudder of my own ship and l took charge of the sails. This powerful almost supernatural  unseen force helped me to step outside my situation and allowed me to say those timeless immortal words 'STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF'! And... I did. YES! As countless men and women in their late 30's had done before me...I DECIDED.. I TOOK CHARGE OFF MY LIFE it was my life after all, and felt it was about bloody time to do so. Within a few weeks I had left my job, I returned home to my family, and took some quality time to figure out what the heck I was going to do with the rest of my life.  Middle age is a funny ole thing, it can bring out the best and worst in people. But thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones back then. Fear, Fiat and Faith brought to me a mixture of luck and determination as I took an unforeseen leap to join forces with a friend to MAKE A MOVIE...! To follow my creative heart to do something  I would be passionate about, I didn't mind that it was going to be in a line of work I'd never done before. CRAZY as it sounds, for me it was no more crazy than being financially, emotionally, professionally STUCK in a job I hated. I had always dreamed of having a job I truly, unashamedly LOVED!  It may have taken me over 36 years to find one. But there I was, 2008 and 40 just round the corner, I was single and it seemed I had nothing to loose but the rest of my life..... James Rea Jr.

Our Mission Statement

'To provide every client with outstanding quality of service tailored to their vision and budget'.

Our Clients

African & Caribbean Support Organisation NI

African Women Organisation NI

Ashtom Community Trust

Belfast City Council

Belfast Unemployed Resource Center

Community Relations Council


Folktown Belfast

Northern Ireland Council For Racial Equality

Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

Magik Door

Major Dan

Manukahunney Band

Memory Lane Tours Belfast

Movement For Justice And Reconciliation

Newington Housing Association

New Lodge Arts

Northern Ireland Nigerian Community 

Northern Refugee And Asylum Seekers

Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Northern Ireland Somali Association

The Mad Dalton

Rainbow Storytelling

UK Pivot/ UnMute Now Video Podcast

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Our Testimonials

"James offers a professional service and has a wealth of experience in different projects. He is very personable and easy to work with". - Jocelyn Witherow

"James was brilliant from start to finish. He was patient with us due to restrictions in place due to covid 19 over the past several months. He was dillient in his work, met deadlines, was prompt with replies. Most importantly he produced an excellent book for us, of a very high quality standard, that is a teestment to all involved and included in the book from over the last 50 years. I would recommend James Rea to anybody looking an excellent body of work to be completed." - Jacqualine Maguire - John Paul II Youth Club

"I have used Belfast Bohemian services on a few occasions. Their video editing was creative and captured the essence of what I wanted to portray. Professional, reliable and timely service! I would highly recommend it"! - Nattassa Latcham - UnMute Now Podcast

"James is so good to work with; he’s easy to talk to and puts people at ease. He’s always quick to respond to questions and be helpful. He thinks of every detail, going out of his way to make things happen smoothly. James always has clear ideas on what will work well whilst being open to suggestions".  - Suzannah McCreight - Choreographer

"Conviction , reliability . James will always see the project through to a conclusion. I’ll endorse him" - Joby Fox - Musician 

"ACSONI has been working with Belfast Bohemian Productions for several years now. James made the experiences positive. He made the process smooth and gives 100% to complete projects on target. The green screen work with our youth project for the City Council stood out as one of the most innovative and engaging. Our organisation  benefited from the professional approach to  film-making, creativity and at the same time the customer service has  always been top notch. This is a great small family business with a great track record and a genuine love for people". - Joseph Ricketts - ACSONI

"A creative genius.  I have worked on many projects over the years with James and in every single one he has been the utmost professional.  James is simply incredible to work with, he demonstrates amazing attention to detail, possesses outstanding communication skills and his company Belfast Bohemian Productions provides all the technology and resources needed to take our projects from just a simple idea right through to completion". - Paul Neeson - Love Serendipity 

"I have been working with Belfast Bohemian Productions for over 6 years now and the experience is always enjoyable, creative and professional. James has a great way of understanding and interpreting my brief and delivers exactly what i am looking for and more, in a quality product everytime. Highly recommended" - Siobhan Brown - Manukahunney

"James has been absolutely brilliant creating and editing videos for our production company Magik Door. Very friendly, very professional and very good. 6 stars out of five". - Magik Door